COVID-19: Temporary Outdoor Dining / Comedero al Aire Libre Temporal

Important Notice

The City of Gilroy has developed a program to temporarily allow restaurants and cafes to operate in outdoor settings adjacent to their business.  For many restaurants, this may include use of surrounding sidewalks, walkways, or plazas.  The program aims to assist restaurants with reopening in a manner consistent with local and state health and safety directives.  Restaurants intending to provide outdoor seating must implement all criteria below immediately and register with the City no later than 10 days after opening. 

You can register by filling out the appropriate form above, and sending the form and site plan to

Noticia Importante

La ciudad de Gilroy ha desarrollado un programa para permitir temporalmente que restaurantes y cafeterías operen al aire libre al lado de sus negocios. Para los restaurantes que no tienen acceso a espacios al aire libre de propiedad privada, como muchos de nuestros restaurantes del centro, esto puede incluir el uso de banquetas o plazas de la ciudad. El programa tiene como objetivo ayudar a los restaurantes a reabrir rápidamente de una manera consistente con las directivas locales y estatales de salud y seguridad. Los restaurantes que tengan la intención de proporcionar asientos al aire libre en la Ciudad deben implementar todos los criterios a continuación de inmediato y registrarse con la Ciudad a más tardar 10 días después de la apertura. 

Puede registrarse completando el formulario correspondiente arriba, y enviando el formulario y el plan del sitio a

Gilroy's Planning Division is committed to developing and implementing programs to support the city's General Plan. Staff promotes sustainable development and encourages quality design and livability of residential neighborhoods, commercial areas and industrial zones within the city's urban sphere. Our team provides a variety of services to fulfill the objectives of the General Plan, provide efficient permit processing services, and encourage public participation in the land use process.

The Planning team is responsible for implementation of Gilroy’s General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, adopted specific plans and other associated ordinances. Typical activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Respond to public inquiries related to land-use and property development regulations.
  • Provide solution-oriented customer service to support economic development opportunities whenever possible
  • Review land-use entitlement applications (e.g. tentative map, conditional use permit, annexation, general plan amendment, architectural & site review permits) for conformance with adopted policies and regulations
  • Administer the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for environmental review related to planning and development proposals
  • Update and maintain the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance
  • Provide staff support for Historic Heritage Committee and Planning Commission
  • Through Code Enforcement, resolve land-use related violations.

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