Emergency Housing

The City of Gilroy helps to fund some agencies which provide emergency housing assistance.


  • 24-Hour Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline:
    Phone | 877-363-7238


Community Solutions
La Isla Pacifica Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children

Phone | 408-842-7138

Arturo Ochoa Winter Shelter (referral required)

Address | 901 Arizona Circle Gilroy, CA 95020
  • Start date likely January 2020, but date has not been determined yet
  • Shelter for homeless families with at least one dependent child  
  • Gilroy Community Housing staff along with other designated local agencies can refer families directly to Saint Joseph’s Family Center (SJFC), 7950 Church St., Suite A, Gilroy, CA. 
  • A referral puts a family on interest list, but does not guarantee placement
  • Homelessness will be verified by SJFC staff (408-842-6662)
  • Beneficiaries will be selected through a lottery process
  • SJFC will provide case management and other ancillary services during the program season

Gilroy Armory Winter Shelter (referrals required)

Home First | 408.539.2100 or
Boccardo Reception Center | 408.294.2100
Email | info@homefirstscc.org
Address | 8490 Wren Ave Gilroy, CA 95020

Opens Monday October 15, 2019 and closes April 15, 2020

  • Shelter Hours: 6 p.m. - 6 a.m. 
  • Beneficiaries begin lining up approximately at 5 p.m.
  • For referrals go to Gilroy Compassion Center, 370 Tomkins Ct. 

John H. Boccardo Family Living Center

Phone | 408-686-1300
Address | 17545 Monterey Road San Martin, CA 95046

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    Ph: 408-846-0451

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