City Council

City Council Meeting

City Council Meetings

Community members are encouraged to participate in Gilroy City Council meetings. If a regular meeting falls on a holiday, the meeting is rescheduled to the following Monday, with the exception of the single regular meeting in July, which will fall on the first day of the month of July not a holiday or a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. View the City Council Meeting Schedule.

Members of the City Council:

Gilroy City Council Norms

The Council has established protocols and procedures in order to conduct Council business in the most effective manner possible.

Council Representative Seats

City Council Members serve as Gilroy Council representatives on various local and regional Boards, Associations and Committees. Here is a full listing of these appointments. 2021

Agency Report of Public Official Appointments

Gilroy Form 806

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) regulation 18705.5 requires each agency to post on its website a single FPPC Form 806 which lists all additional compensation paid to its elected city officials when appointed to representative positions on committees, boards and commissions of another agency or authority. The form was prepared by the FPPC and is available at

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas for regular meetings are available the Wednesday afternoon prior to each meeting, along with the meeting material.  Draft minutes of each meeting are available within ten business days of the meeting. All of these records are available online 

Gilroy Strategic Plan  

The City Council has identified seven Goals in its Strategic Plan, each with equal priority:

1. Ensure Financial Stability
2. Enhance Public Safety Capabilities
3. Revitalize Downtown
4. Focus on Revenue Driven Economic Development
5. Retain Stability in the City’s Workforce
6. Provide Opportunities for Meaningful Public Engagement
7. Ensure Neighborhoods Benefit Equally from City Services