Development Review Group

Thank you for your interest in investing in Gilroy!  The Development Review Group (DRG) can review your plans early in the process to answer questions, provide direction, and offer advice. The DRG is designed to offer you early feedback to save you time and money in the design and development process.  They review preliminary plans in order to help the applicant identify any problem areas prior to a full submission of an application.

The DRG consists of members of each division within the city organization which has responsibility for any part of the development process. Often, DRG meetings include planning, building, public works, fire prevention, hazardous materials, and police staff.  Complete DRG applications submitted by noon on Wednesday the week prior are scheduled for a DRG meeting the next Thursday morning.

The DRG offers two preliminary review services for development customers.  One service is free of charge, and it provides a half hour meeting where each member of the group provides feedback on their area of expertise. The second DRG service is fee based, and it offers a more detailed and comprehensive review from each division, with written feedback that identifies necessary changes and applicable code references.  To have the DRG review your plan, complete and return the application form, linked on the right side of this page.  If you have questions regarding the DRG, please call the Planning Division at 408-846-0451.