Economic Development

Economic Growth
Economic growth in Gilroy is driven by a partnership between the city and the business community and is built upon a foundation of innovation and creating opportunity.

A Friendly & Responsive Environment

Gilroy’s Economic Development Staff works directly with businesses as the first link to city government. We anticipate the needs of businesses and maintain a friendly and responsive environment for providing the opportunity, infrastructure, and support network in a changing economy. Gilroy is the ideal location, and we make things work! This is the Gilroy advantage!

Support for Your Business

Whether your business is new or established, we are dedicated to giving your business the support it needs and deserves to thrive.  Clearly, we understand that your success is our success.

Our Mission

We thank you for choosing to look at Gilroy as a potential home for your business and to be a part of the Gilroy business community.  Our mission is to support your business efforts in a way that is meaningful for you. We look forward to serving you and meeting your business development needs.

Our Partners
The city provides funding for the following partner organizations who work in tandem with the city to promote economic development:
The city also works closely with other economic development partners such as the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce and Gilroy Gardens.