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On May 6, 2019 the City of Gilroy entered a one-year exclusivity period with Sharks Sports & Entertainment LLC. Since that time, the City has been working diligently to assess whether or not an indoor recreational facility, built by the City and operated by the Sharks organization, would be beneficial to the community of Gilroy.

The City has been undertaking this process as part of an overall effort to develop the Sports Park in accordance with the Sports Park Master Plan, adopted in 1999.  

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The conceptual facility would likely include opportunities for a variety of sporting programs and events to include ice hockey and would be located off Monterey Road, as part of the Gilroy Sports Park. Neither the San Jose Sharks nor the San Jose Barracuda teams would re-locate to Gilroy as part of this project.

Once under the one-year exclusivity agreement, the City of Gilroy began an environmental review of the proposed project to identify possible environmental impacts of the project and recommended measures to alleviate these possible impacts.

In January 2020, the DRAFT Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) was released for review and public comment including possible impacts and solutions to the impacts. The public review and comment period ends at close of business on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. To view the full document and technical reports, visit ( Included in the DRAFT SEIR is a preliminary description of the conceptual indoor sporting facility including a 70,000 square foot building imprint, two National Hockey League sized ice rinks, and a second level mezzanine. This preliminary description is included in the DRAFT SEIR to provide parameters for the environmental review process and does not represent adopted plans for the conceptual facility. Actual details of any future proposed facility on the site have yet to be determined and must go through the full review development process, as with any other project, including Planning approval for architectural and site review and Building permits for construction plans.

Upon completion of the public comment period of the DRAFT SEIR, responses to the comments will be addressed and consolidated into a FINAL SEIR. The FINAL SEIR will be presented to Planning Commission for recommendation, then the City Council for consideration and adoption. Next steps in the process will be determined based upon the continued feasibility of the project.

Existing Master Plan Phasing Plan

Gilroy Sports Park Existing Master Plan Map

Conceptual Master Plan Phase III Site Plan

Conceptual Master Plan Phase III Site Plan

Gilroy Sports Park Master Plan Phase III Amendment

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