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Posted on: June 18, 2020

Community Questions and Answers from the Gilroy Police Department Part 2

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Community Questions and Answers from the Gilroy Police Department Part 1

Does the Gilroy Police Department have an officer specifically trained and certified in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault incidents? Does the entire police department receive updated and more inclusive and appropriate training on this subject?

All Gilroy police officers have training in domestic violence and sexual assault response and investigation. Police officers, dispatchers and detectives follow the Santa Clara County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault protocols to ensure these incidents are properly investigated while maintaining a victim-centered approach. These protocols can be accessed at

In addition to mandated training for all patrol officers, Gilroy detectives attend specialized training related to the investigation of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Gilroy police officers work closely with community advocates, such as Community Solutions, to provide counseling resources and information on support networks. Victims are provided with emergency protective orders and protective shelter when appropriate.

Several Gilroy police officers have been formally recognized by the Santa Clara County Victim Support Network for their efforts in providing assistance and support to victims/survivors.

Does the Gilroy Police Department have a policy regarding de-escalation when dealing with individuals in mental health crisis?

Gilroy PD policy #418.4 states the following:

Any officer handling a call involving an individual who may qualify for a 5150 commitment should consider, as time and circumstances reasonably permit:

(a) Available information that might assist in determining the cause and nature of the
person’s action or stated intentions.
(b) Community or neighborhood mediation services.
(c) Conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques.
(d) Community or other resources available to assist in dealing with mental health issues.

While these steps are encouraged, nothing in this section is intended to dissuade officers from taking reasonable action to ensure the safety of the officers and others.

Officers should consider a 5150 commitment over arrest when mental health issues appear to be a mitigating factor for people who are suspected of committing minor crimes or creating other public safety issues.

A copy of the above policy can be found on our website by using the following link.…/…/8858/Policy-Manual

What is the Gilroy Police Department’s process when officers are accused of misconduct, and are they placed on paid administrative leave?

An investigation is initiated when an officer is accused of misconduct. Depending on the nature of alleged misconduct, an officer may be placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Does the City of Gilroy pay to defend officers who have been accused of misconduct?

The cost of defense is paid by police officers who carry insurance through a legal defense fund. Use of force incidents deemed justified that later result in civil litigation are defended by the City.

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