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Inspection Request - Building and/or Fire

  1. Please enter the Permit Number located on top left corner of Permit Card.

  2. Requested Inspection Types*

    Select all that apply to your inspection request.

  3. Please add any additional information that may assist the Inspector in locating the project Inspection site.

  4. Please enter email, to receive your Inspection Date and Time Frame Confirmation.

  5. Inspections are only available Monday through Friday during normal business hours, excluding City observed Holidays. Please note Inspection Requests are 72 Hours out.

  6. Requested Inspection Time Frame*

    Please chose one option. If you chose both, you are agreeing to any time frame available.

  7. Please Note:

    We are currently 72 hours out for all appointments, so please plan accordingly. Please note you can be charged a reinspection fee for same day cancelation or for a missed inspection.

    City Staff will confirm Date and Time of Inspection Requested, via email.

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