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Bid Number: 20-RFP-AD-445
Bid Title: Public Works Operational Review
Category: Request for Proposals
Status: Open


Notice is hereby given that the Purchasing Coordinator of the City of Gilroy at 7351 Rosanna Street, Gilroy, CA  95020-6197 will receive SEALED PROPOSAL SUBMITTALS by e-mail for the Operational Review: Public Works Department (Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 20-RFP-AD-445).  The City of Gilroy is soliciting proposals for consulting services pertaining to various aspects of municipal Public Works operations, as described in the Request for Proposal.  Proposals are due by 4:00 PM PST Monday, July 13, 2020. Proposals received after that time and date will not be considered. The City of Gilroy accepts no responsibility if delivery is made to another e-mail address other than the one specified in the above referenced RFP.  An evaluation team will review submitted proposals and select the best qualified firm based on the evaluation criteria and selection process outlined in the RFP. 

A free electronic copy of the RFP can be obtained by going to the City of Gilroy website ( located under Bids & Proposals.

Respectfully Requested,

Bryce Atkins

Purchasing Coordinator

Publication Date/Time:
6/1/2020 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
7/13/2020 4:00 PM
Submittal Information:
E-mail only:
Q&A 20-RFP-AD-445

Q1. Often times, it is highly beneficial to meet with the key players inside and outside of the Department to properly assess operations, particularly how the Department interfaces with community development, finance, the City Council, and the public/customers. How does the City intend to manage interpersonal contact during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A1. The City will adhere to any relevant State or Santa Clara County Public Health Shelter in Place Order that may be in place during the engagement. If in-person meetings are still ill-advised by the respective authority at that time, then video and digital communication can be used.

Q2. Has the City had a similar review performed in the past? If so,
a. Which department had the review?
b. Who conducted the most recent review?
c. How long ago was the review performed?
d. May we receive a copy of the report?
e. What were the fees and hours expended for the most recent Operational Review?

A2. In 2016, the Community Development Department participated in a similar review:

The results (report) of the review may be requested:

Q3. Are there special circumstances or events that generate the need for an operational review of the Public Works Department at this time?

A3. None.

Q4. To help us prepare a proposal and design a project approach that best meets the City’s needs, what is the City’s cost estimate for the requested services?

A4. Please provide the most practical and realistic estimate to accomplish the proposed scope of work. The steps to achieve final results are flexible. Applicants shall outline their proposed methods in the proposal. The project consists of furnishing all labor, materials, supervision, and travel necessary to complete the task.

Q5. When would the City like this project to be completed?

A5. While there is no fixed deadline, the review is expected to be completed before the end of the current calendar year.

Q6. Page B-4 of RFP: Under item 3 of Proposal Contents, Relevant Experience: “Please include information describing the Consultant’s experience with Strategic Planning for public agencies.” Since this project is for an Operational Review, shall we “provide a minimum of five (5) specific examples” of Organizational Review experience versus Strategic Planning experience?

A6. This is acceptable.

Q7. How many staff, including management, are in the Public Works Department?

A7. Public Works has 66 budgeted FTE in FY20 and FY21, although reductions have been proposed for FY21 due to recent economic duress, the proposed organizational chart will be provided as an attachment.

Q8. Does the Public Works Department have documented policies, procedures, and operations manuals? If yes, are they available electronically?

A8. Public Works does not have such documentation. Some of the Divisions have some informal standard operating procedures, specifically as it relates to safety procedures, which can be provided at a later date, but would probably not add value to the RFP process at this time.

Q9. Has the City and/or the Public Works Department already identified best practices for Public Works practices, systems, and programs in well-performing municipal departments of similar size in California? If yes, will this information be provided to the consultant?

A9. Public Works does not have such documentation.

Q10. What Information Technology systems are currently used by the Public Works Department?

A10. Enterprise systems are listed on our website:

Q11. Does the City and/or Public Works Department currently have documented performance measures for staff annual evaluations? If yes, are they available electronically?

A11. Public Works does not have departmental performance measures nor employee performance measures. Annual employee evaluations use standardized procedures and forms that require the professional judgment of the supervisor.

Q12. Does the Performance Management (Appraisal) System have documented policies and procedures? If yes, are they available electronically?

A12. Public Works has no such system or the question is unclear.

Q13. Is the Public Works Department’s written correspondence available electronically or in hard copy?

A13. The question is unclear.

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