Property & Evidence


The primary responsibility of a Property Officer is to receive all incoming property, securely store it properly so that it remains readily accessible, lawfully release or destroy it, and maintain documentation of the entire process. The Gilroy Police Department has one full-time Property Evidence Technician who is responsible for overseeing this process.

Property Evidence Technician Tasks & Duties

The following outline is a list of tasks and duties performed by our Property Evidence Technician:
  • Preserve all incoming property from contamination, theft, or loss.
  • Maintain and update property documentation with tracking information, commonly referred to as the "chain of custody".
  • Ensure that all releases and dispositions of property are legal and properly documented.
  • Arrange and document interim releases and returns of property for court, crime lab analysis, or investigative use.
  • Maintain current knowledge of Federal, State, and local law related to property management.
  • Inventory property based on the policy demands of the agency.
  • Ensure that all efforts are taken to make the property room as safe as possible.

Search for Your Lost Items

With proof of ownership any item on the auction list will be returned to you. To retrieve items you find, please contact the auction company or contact Randy Carpenter.