Encroachment and Transportation Permits

Gilroy Online Permit Software (GO Permit)

Gilroy Online Permit (GO Permit) is the City's new enhanced and integrated online permit and inspection service system for residential and commercial projects. For new permits issued after June 19, 2023, GO Permit will provide customers with 24-hour online permit access to submit applications, seek permits and approvals, initiate and track plan review status, schedule inspections and view statuses and results, and more. Go to www.cityofgilroy.org/GOpermit for further information or to access the GO Permit Portal.

An approved City of Gilroy encroachment permit is required at least 10 working days before beginning any activity within the public right-of-way. The Encroachment Permit fee will be assessed upon review of the application and it's based on the construction costs and complexity of the review. Please refer to the Submittal Requirements prior to submittal. If an application is not signed or is missing a required document, it will be deemed as incomplete and it will be returned to the applicant for re-submittal. 

Emergency Street Cuts

An encroachment permit is not required when an emergency street cut is necessary by a utility company to repair essential infrastructure when the City offices are closed. Reparation of essential infrastructure can include replacing a broken or defective pipe, facility or conduit (lawfully on or under a public street), or excavating by a utility company needed for the preservation of life and property when an urgent necessity arises.
Any utility company making such street cuts shall apply for an emergency encroachment permit on the next city business day. The issuance of such permit shall be at the sole discretion of the City Engineer.
If the emergency street cut is performed during business hours, the permittee shall contact the Engineering Division in advance of the work at (408) 846-0223, or by email at permit.tech@cityofgilroy.org 

Street Cut Moratorium

In order to maintain the integrity of the City road systems, the Public Works Department has developed and established the Street Cut Moratorium requirements. Excavation in newly constructed roads on public right-of-way is prohibited within the moratorium period. Please see the Map below.

 Street Closures

Any construction activities which will impede normal traffic flow requires an Encroachment Permit. Street closures can include both full and partial closure of any roadway (including alleys) in the City of Gilroy, for any length of time.
The permit applicant shall provide notification to all affected residents, business and/or agencies at least 72 hours prior to start of construction activities.
A site-specific Traffic Control Plan is required for all street closures and needs to be submitted with the permit application for review. This is a required submittal with the Encroachment Permit application. Street closures will be approved or rejected at the discretion of the department.

Transportation Permits

 An approved City of Gilroy Transportation Permit is required for all vehicles traveling within city streets that exceeds the State's height, weight, and/or length standard limits.

  • Single Trip (one-way) permit fee is $16.00
  • Annual Permit fee is $90.00 
  • Complete Transportation Permit applications include a signed application, transporter's vehicle insurance, and proposed vehicle route.

 Submit transportation permit questions, signed application and all other required documentation to Permit.Tech@cityofgilroy.org