Planning Applications, Permits & Fees

Thank you for taking the time to review our submittal requirements for planning review of your project. We are here to help! For questions, please call 408-846-0440 or email the Planning Division.

** Please scroll down the page to access links to our submittal checklists.

New Applications: Please email the Planning Division a copy of your application. Application materials may either be attached to the email or shared with a file sharing service such as

New applications will be reviewed to determine if everything on the submittal checklist (below) has been submitted. Once everything has been verified as submitted, we will provide an invoice for payment of planning fees. Once fees have been paid, your application will be assigned to a planner who will reach out to you remotely. Your application will be routed for internal review by planning, building, fire prevention, and public works. Your application may also require review by Valley Water, the School District, the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency, and other applicable outside agencies.   

After the standard 30-day review period, you will receive a letter from the planner outlining any actions needed to complete your application for final review and a decision. Typically, revisions are necessary, but we will do our best to help you through that process. If you have questions about the decision making process, please call 408-846-0440 or email the Planning Division.

Revised Applications: Resubmittals can be sent electronically directly to the planner assigned to your project.

Inspections: Please contact the planner assigned to your project to schedule a planning inspection.

For questions, please call 408-846-0440 and leave a message, or email the Planning Division.