Tenant/Landlord Issues

Eviction Moratorium


The City of Gilroy is subject to the Santa Clara County eviction moratorium as well as state mandates. For information on the moratorium, please visit the Santa Clara County website. 

If you are a tenant or landlord and need additional assistance or advice, please contact Project Sentinel https://www.housing.org/ or call 408-842-7740.

Project Sentinel

Gilroy provides funds to Project Sentinel inform local landlords and tenants of their rights and responsibilities. Project Sentinel also provides information on fair housing (nondiscrimination in access to housing) and mediation services in the case of housing-related disputes.

More Information

If you have questions about Housing Code violations you may contact the City of Gilroy Code Enforcement Officer at 408-846-0454 or Project Sentinel at 408-842-7740.


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