Things You Can Do to Save Water

When it comes to water conservation, every drop counts! Small adjustments can have major impacts on both your water consumption and your water bill. But where do you begin?

Start by utilizing the customized Water Usage Calculator! This beneficial tool provides you with facts, suggestions, and tips for your household. Discover your top water using activities and learn about ways you can lower your water footprint and take action today!
Water Calculator

Incorporating Savings Into Your Daily Life

Perhaps you've already implemented water efficient practices in your home and are looking for new ideas to add to your daily regime? Water Use It Wisely offers 100+ ways you can save water indoors, outdoors, at the office, or with kids. All tips are downloadable, printable, and can be shared on social media platforms. 

Whether you're new to water savings or looking for more ways to cut back on your existing conservation efforts, these tips are easy to access, easy to implement, and beneficial to all.

​Water-Wise House Calls
Did you have an usually high water bill recently? Think you may have a leak? Or perhaps you're just curious about what the next steps you would like to take to conserve water. Sign up today for a FREE Outdoor Water Wise Survey. Trained water surveyors will come out to your home or apartment complex, reviewing your outdoor water efficiency, and suggest water-saving improvements - including an annual irrigation schedule for your landscape. For more information on how to sign up click here.