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Welcome to Gilroy's Development and Infrastructure HubPaving Church St from London to 11th

Discover the transformative projects shaping the future of Gilroy. Our commitment to enhancing the city's infrastructure and environment is evident through various ongoing initiatives.

Better Roads Ahead: Explore our comprehensive road improvement program. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we're investing in significant upgrades to our street network, ensuring a smoother travel experience for all. This page provides information on the roadway improvement program, including processes for street selection, types of pavement processes, and more. Learn More

City Infrastructure Projects: Explore the array of projects that are bolstering Gilroy's infrastructure. From recreational facilities to vital roadway enhancements, these initiatives are designed to improve the quality of life for our community. Discover More

Outside Agency Construction Projects: Gain insights into the collaborative efforts with external agencies. These projects, including the High-Speed Rail and environmental conservation initiatives, reflect our commitment to sustainable and progressive urban development. Find Out More

Join us in this journey of growth and transformation as we work to make Gilroy a better place to live, work, and visit.

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