Comprehensive Fee Schedule

The comprehensive fee schedule is a listing of each of the City’s fees.  It ensures that the City is recouping the cost of providing services in the areas for which fees apply.  While the City seeks to minimize fees charged for its services, the fee schedule represents those fees necessary to the funding of the City’s services and is therefore a necessary element to maintaining the City’s goal of financial sustainability in the provision of services.

Fee Schedule

2022 Comprehensive User Fee Study

The City’s current fee schedule was last updated and adopted in 2014. It is best practice to periodically conduct user fee studies to ensure the City is recouping the cost of providing services in areas for which fees apply. As part of its FY22 and FY23 Workplan, staff has completed a Comprehensive User Fee Study to update the City’s current user fees schedule. 

The report is available for the community to review. Staff conducted two community meetings to solicit feedback from the community and frequent users of the City services, including developers. You can view the Town Hall meeting by clicking here. The study was introduced to the City Council at the regularly scheduled June 20, 2022 City Council meeting, followed by formal adoption of the fees at the July 5, 2022 meeting.