Traffic Division

The Traffic Division handles traffic-related issues throughout the City of Gilroy. This includes investigating major injury accidents resulting in fatalities, traffic enforcement, traffic education, and parking enforcement. The Traffic Division also handles requests for Off-Duty Police Officers for Special Events and coordinates the Police Departments Volunteers in Policing (VIP) program.

The Traffic Division currently consists of two Motor Officers, a Parking Control CSO, and a Motor Sergeant. We are approved for three Motor Officers, but one position remains unfilled. The Traffic Division works cooperatively with The City of Gilroy Traffic Engineers to resolve traffic complaints through Education, Enforcement, and Engineering. If you have a traffic complaint you can submit it online at File a Traffic Complaint.

The Major Accident Investigations Team (MAIT) investigates major injury accidents resulting in fatalities. MAIT consists of the Motor Sergeant, the Motor Officers, and six collateral investigators that assist with these complicated investigations.  MAIT works with the Santa Clara County District Attorneys' Office to pursue criminal charges, where appropriate.

The Parking Enforcement Community Service Officer handles parking complaints in the City of Gilroy. These include Abandoned Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles parked in residential areas, Illegal Alley parking, Downtown, and San Ysidro Park timed parking spots. You can file a complaint at   

Request for Off-Duty Officers

If you have a special event that requires Off-Duty Police Officers, please complete the Request for Off-Duty Officers form and email it to If your event requires a special event permit through the City of Gilroy, please follow this link to the Special Event application SPECIAL EVENT PERMITS | Gilroy, CA - Official Website ( .