Traffic Division

The Traffic Division consists of 3 officers and one supervisor that are responsible for the education and enforcement of traffic related issues.  Officers generally work Monday – Friday and on random weekends.  Officers attempt to resolve traffic related complaints by the use of environmental analysis, education and enforcement.  Traffic officers are also responsible for responding to all injury related accident that occur on their respective shifts and are “on call” for major accidents.  The Gilroy Police Department Traffic Division also hosts the Juvenile traffic Diversion program, where minors who commit traffic infractions can attend a class with a parent to dismiss a citation.

The Traffic Unit Supervisor also manages the Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT).  The MAIT team is responsible for responding and investigating all major injury accidents that have resulted in a fatality or could result in a fatality. 

The unit is also responsible for all parking related issues in the City of Gilroy.  We currently have one Community Service Officer assigned to this task.  The responsibilities include: 72 hour parking violations, metered parking enforcement, handicap parking violations, and vehicle abatement.

Other responsibilities of the Traffic Division include the DARE program and the Volunteers in Policing (VIP) program.