Open Government in Gilroy

The City of Gilroy is committed to providing transparency to keep the public informed of city business and to foster an environment of openness to the inner workings of your government. In order to promote accountability and ensure trust in government, we are pleased to offer you access to a variety of information in one place:

Gilroy Open Government Ordinance

Public Records Index

This is a fully comprehensive listing of all categories of records maintained by the city, the format of the record and the custodian division or department of the record.

Department Head Designees

Each city department head has knowledgeable designated staff who can be contacted to provide detailed information and records.

Open Government Commission

The Open Government Commission is formed of 5 members of the public serving to advise the City Council and provide information to City Departments on ways in which to implement the Gilroy Open Government Ordinance. The Commission meets quarterly.
Open Government Ordinance Training
Officers, Commission members and management employees of the city are required to take training on the Gilroy Open Government Ordinance within 60 days of their appointment or election. This training can be accessed online. Declaration of Training is located here.

City Documents
City Council & Authorities
Elections and Miscellaneous

Agreements & Contracts (Pre 2022)

Agreements (2022-Present)

Recorded Documents

Permanent Records




Public Notices

Agendas (2022 - Present)

Agenda Packets (2022 - Present)

Public Comments at Council Meetings

Election Records

FPPC - Campaign Finance Disclosure

FPPC - Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700)