Santa Teresa Interim Fire Station

Quick Facts about the Santa Teresa Interim Fire StationTemporary Fire Station On-Site Sign 081622 web

The Interim Station:

  • is anticipated to open in early 2023.
  • will be located at the future site of the 10th Street bridge, currently at the intersection of 10th Street and De Anza Place.
  • will house 2 fire personnel from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM. It is anticipated that at some point in the future, the Santa Teresa Fire Station will house 2-3 personnel, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • peak call hours are typically from 12 noon to 6:00 PM.
  • is anticipated to remain at this alternate site for an estimated 2-3 years.
  • will house (1) Type 1 and (1) Type 6 fire engines.
  • is anticipated to further improve fire response with the improved location.

Our Gilroy Firefighters are committed to being good neighbors, including minimizing noise in the neighborhood. When feasible, sirens will be turned off in neighborhoods.

Santa Teresa Interim Fire Station Location

Background on the Santa Teresa Interim Fire Station

The Gilroy Fire Department, with the approval of Council in mid-2019, began a pilot study called the “Alternative Service Model” (ASM) that positioned a fire crew within the Santa Teresa District (STR). The purpose of the ASM study was to determine if a fire crew positioned in STR could improve emergency response times within the district and throughout the city. The study was a success, showing marked improvement to response times throughout the city, and became the catalyst towards planning the construction of an interim, and eventually a permanent fire station at the designated site located at the corner of W. Luchessa and Miller Avenue.  

Since mid-2020, the STR crew has been temporarily housed at the TEEC Building located on the ranch-side at Christmas Hill Park. However, as the City pursues providing fire staffing resources from 12 hours per day to 24 hours per day, the current location at the TEEC Building is inadequate to meet the needs of the fire crew stationed there. The TEEC Building lacks shower and kitchen amenities, a garage to house fire apparatus, and its location and position at the park makes it less than ideal for emergency response to areas south, east, or west within STR.

As the City’s agreement with the Glen Loma Development Group (GLDG) requires funding from GLDG for the new permanent fire station, the requirement for GLDG to remit such funding to the City has not yet been triggered, thus there is a need to build and house fire personnel at an alternate interim site.  At this time, an interim fire station is needed to house two to three fire personnel at an alternate site. 

The  Santa Teresa Interim Fire Station will be located on the City-owned property at the corner of 10th Street and DeAnza Place (currently planned as the future 10th Street Bridge project). This interim location is approximately three blocks from the permanent fire station site and is located where the future 10th Street bridge will be built. The Interim Fire Station is expected to remain at this alternate site for an estimated 2-3 years. 

For more information about the Santa Teresa Fire Station, please call 408-846-0370.