How to File a Claim

How to Obtain a Claim Form:

You may obtain a claim form via the following methods:

  • In-Person at City Hall
  • Request via Email

How to File a Claim Against the City of Gilroy

  • Government Code sections 905 and 915 require the completion of a claim form with written justification for the amount of your claim.
  • Claims must be filed within six (6) months following the incident.
  • Be sure to fill out the form completely, as an incomplete form may delay the processing of your claim.
  • Including a complete list of the names, addresses, and contact information for all witnesses to the incident will assist with the prompt review of the claim. 
  • Property damage claims require an estimate of repair costs and photographs of the alleged damage.
  • Personal injury claims require copies of all bills from treating physicians and proof of any other expenses claimed as a result of the incident.
  • If you are claiming a wage loss, you need to provide supporting documentation of workdays and wages lost.

How to Submit Your Claim

Submit the original, signed claim form to the Office of the City Clerk.

By Mail, In-Person, or by Email:

City of Gilroy
Attn: City Clerk's Office
7351 Rosanna Street
Gilroy, CA 95020

You may seek the advice of a private attorney at any time during the investigation and evaluation of your claim.

The City Attorney is counsel for the City and cannot provide advice regarding the merits of your claim.