What are street trees?
A “street tree” is any tree planted by or on behalf of the city in the street right-of-way. Typically trees are planted in the “park strip” which is the area between the sidewalk and the street.

Sometimes, when the sidewalk is adjacent to the curb, (known as a “monolithic sidewalk”) the tree is planted next to
the sidewalk. If a tree is not within the public right-of-way, it is not a street tree. The species of street trees vary but include trees like Crape Myrtle, Chinese Pistache, and Chitalpa, just to name a few.

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1. What are street trees?
2. Who owns and maintains street trees?
3. What is the right-of-way?
4. How do I know if a tree is a city-owned tree?
5. What maintenance does the city provide for street trees?
6. What trees does Urban Forestry work on?
7. What is the property owners responsibility for maintaining city street trees?
8. Who do I call if a tree needs work?
9. I've got bees in my tree! What do I do? Will the city remove them?
10. There is mistletoe or ivy in my tree , will the forestry crew remove it?
11. My street tree is diseased, dripping sap, or infested with insects
12. Why doesn’t someone rake the leaves from street trees?
13. Why are street trees important?