Who do I call if a tree needs work?

Requests for pruning, spraying, inspection and similar services can be made by calling Public Works at 408-846-0424. The support staff will take information on your request and will generate a work request for the Urban Forestry crews. Staff will inspect the tree and report to you what, if any, work is required.

The city crew’s first priority is urgent problems such as cracked limbs, trees that are at risk of falling, and downed trees. Many routine tree maintenance services are contracted out The tree crew only handles routine service requests on a time available basis. If your request is for a service that is not urgent in nature, it may be put on a work order list to be included in a future contract. It is very costly and inefficient for the tree crew to provide routine tree services on a spot by spot basis. Whenever possible, tree services that are not urgent will be held and scheduled so that the crew or contractor can take care of all the trees in a given area at the same time.

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