How do I get a street tree planted?

Property owners are free to plant whatever tree they like on their own property outside the public right of way. If you would like the city to consider planting a street tree in front of your home, call Public Works at (408) 846-0424 to make a request. Requests will be considered based on current tree policies and available funding. Typically, the city contracts for tree planting and the planting is done in batches 2 or 3 times a year. Your location will be placed on a list to be included in the next tree planting contract. If you wish to plant a tree sooner than the city is able to, you may request a permit to plant a street tree. There are designated tree species for every street in the city, and the tree you plant must be the tree designated on the street tree master planting plan. Exceptions to the plan can only be granted
by the Parks and Recreation Commission.

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1. How do I get a street tree planted?
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