The street tree in front of my house needs to be pruned. Who should I call?

Public Works at 846-0424. All street trees are on a regular pruning schedule. Routine pruning is planned so that the crew can prune all the trees in a given geographic area at the same time. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to prune. Current funding limits routine, non-emergency, tree pruning to no more frequently than once every 11 years. If you feel your tree needs routine pruning, you can contact Community Services and the tree will be pruned in accordance with the schedule along with other trees in your neighborhood.

If there is some type of hazard, such as a cracked limb, or downed or leaning tree, staff will respond and inspect the tree and prune or remove the tree as needed to correct the hazard. Non-urgent pruning outside of the scheduled maintenance is only done on a time available basis. If the property owner wishes to have a tree pruned sooner, they may request a permit from Community Services to prune the tree.

City trees are pruned according to internationally accepted pruning guidelines that are designed to promote the health and safety of each tree. This means that the city will never "top" a tree, or simply cut off the top part of the limbs. If you believe a street tree is causing a problem with street lights, power lines, or other structures, call Public Works at 408-846-0424 to report the problem.

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1. The street tree in front of my house needs to be pruned. Who should I call?
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