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City Clerk

  1. City of Gilroy Application for Board, Commission and Committee Appointment

    Application for the City of Gilroy Boards and Commissions.

  2. Youth Commission Application

    City of Gilroy Application for the Gilroy Youth Commission.

  1. Request for Public Records

Community Development

  1. Inspection Request - Building and/or Fire

    Inspection Request for Building Department and/or Fire Prevention Department

  1. Outdoor Dining Furniture Application

    The City of Gilroy is pleased to announce that durable outdoor dining furniture is now available free of charge for local restaurants.... More…


  1. Utility Billing Application - Stop/Cancel Service

    This form is used to submit water/sewer service cancellation request

Fire Administration

  1. Incident Report Request Form

    Request emergency response reports

  1. Public Education Event Request Form

    Pub Ed Request Form