Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds

The City of Gilroy Housing and Community Services Division announces the availability of CDBG grant funding for Program Year (PY) 2024-2025. This NOFA is for high need projects/programs funded with CDBG dollars that serve the low-income community of Gilroy. To learn more about this CDBG funding opportunity and the application process, click on the links.

CDBG Application Packet
Grant Applications (available here on December 8, 2023)

Public Hearing

A virtual Public Hearing to review the CDBG NOFA and grant application will be held on:
Thursday, December 14, 2023 at 6:00pm 

Legal Notice NOFA Public Hearing PY 204-2025
Public Hearing Agenda 12-14-2023 (click on the agenda for the link to the meeting)

The presentation will subsequently be posted on this site.

Annual Entitlement Grant

Gilroy receives an annual CDBG entitlement grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These funds are to be used locally to benefit primarily low and moderate income individuals or neighborhoods, including the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA).

Gilroy Citizen Participation Plan 2020-2024

Gilroy Citizen Participation Plan 2020-2024 (updated 5-13-22)

Consolidated Plan

A five-year Consolidated Plan identifies local community development needs and sets forth a strategy to address these needs. The Consolidated Plan must address both affordable housing and non-housing related community development needs. The needs are targeted to low-income persons or low-income areas. 
City of Gilroy 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan

Annual Action Plan (AAP)

May 15 of every year, the City submits to HUD an Annual Action Plan as part of its five-year Consolidated Plan, describing the proposed use of CDBG funds.  Below you will find each Annual Action Plan year that is part of the current FY 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan period.

Year 4 Action Plan

Year 3 Action Plan

City of Gilroy HUD Approved PY 2022-23 Annual Action Plan
Public Hearing Notice (English)
Public Hearing Notice (Spanish)
Notice of Continued Public Hearing (English)
Notice of Continued Public Hearing (Spanish)

Year 2 Action Plan

City of Gilroy FY 2021-2022 FINAL Annual Action Plan

Year 1 Action Plan

City of Gilroy FY 2020-2021 FINAL Annual Action Plan

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)

September 30 of every year, the City submits to HUD an annual performance and evaluation report to describe the CDBG Program performance and actual use of CDBG funds. 

CAPER FY 2022-2023 Pending HUD Approval
FY 2022-2023 Legal Notice - English
FY 2022-2023 Legal Notice – Spanish

HUD Approved CAPER FY 2021-2022
FY 2021-2022 Legal Notice - English
FY 2021-2022 Legal Notice - Spanish

HUD Approved CAPER FY 2020-2021
FY 2020-2021 Legal Notice - English
FY 2020-2021 Legal Notice - Spanish